Digital Printing


Digital printing itself is not an innovation anymore. It is in use in many different industries like printing & packaging since quite some time. The use of Digital Printing Technology in the flooring and furniture industry however is a true innovation. Since very recently this idea is getting more and more attractive to various laminate manufacturers.

The crucial difference compared to common indirect printing technology is the application of a digital printing unit, printing the desired image directly on to the (pre-finished) substrate.

The water- or UV-based ink is applied onto a water- or UV-based receptive layer in a single pass or even multi pass process.

The colorless performance coatings protecting the image, usually represented by UV-curable systems, are almost 100% congruent with both technologies.

Added Value

No matter if it is paper, wood, HDF, MDF, Vinyl, WPC, multiplex, particle boards, mineral fiber or vinyl – Klumpp Coatings‘ adhesion promoter provides perfect bonding to almost every substrate

Klumpp Coatings water- and UV-based printing sealers offer best receptive properties for digital printing with water- or UV-borne inks

Our close contacts to all manufacturers of digital printers for industrial use as well as the know how we gained through our experience not only make sure you have the right line layout tailored to your requirements. You will also achieve excellent printing results in terms of clarity, deepness and brilliance

Our field tested clear UV systems representing the layers of performance coatings are capable of covering surface properties till class 34 economically

Coming to the properties of the surface, there are practically no limits: gloss levels from 4 to 90 units at 60° angle or even structured surfaces – we add value to your surface


The use of water-borne receptive layers for digital printing with waterborne inks in either single- or multi-pass process to be covered and hot-pressed by melamine overlays.

3D UV-structure- and pore-coatings provide added value through enhanced haptical and optical appearance.

Antistatic UV-coatings.

High gloss – scratch resistant coatings for curtain coater and laser roller application providing enhanced flowing properties at more than 90 units of gloss.

Extreme Matte providing the look & touch similar to oiled floors, with the durability and resistance of a full-fledged UV finish.

UV-based, colorless or tinted ink receptive layers for the industry of multilayer modular flooring.