Today, any modern furniture production uses solvent free coating systems, such as waterborne, UV-curable Hydro UV or even 100% UV-coating systems for roller, curtain coater or even spray application.

Hydro UV-coatings put together the benefits of easy handling with best flowing properties at immediate curing as well as fastest sandand stackability. These could be transparent or pigmented systems, applied by spray or curtain coater. Our latest products even allow for the use of energy saving LED UV-curing technology and offer almost 100% recyclability of overspray.

For flat stock, the roller application of our transparent or pigmented 100% UV-systems is first choice.

In addition to the mentioned systems, we also carry hydro 1C and 2C products for industrial as well as manual application. They comply with Decopaint (ChemVOCFarbV), a norm that requires materials for indoor application on wood to contain only extremely low VOC levels.

Added Value

Highest efficiency

Best chemical resistance

Excellent scratch and abrasion resistance

Extremely matte to extremely high gloss surfaces

Environmental friendliness due to low VOC or even VOC-free finishes


High gloss coating systems for laser roller or curtain coater application, showing best flowing and scratch resistance properties at gloss levels of more than 95%.

Hydro-UV coatings, clear and tinted, for for spray and curtain coater application.