Any modern finish for pre-finished parquet today makes use of environmentally-friendly, free of VOC, UV-cured coating systems. Far in excess of 90% of all coating systems in use are UV-cured; in rare cases, EBC-coating materials are also used (Electron Beam Curing). Energy saving LE D UV-lamps and the corresponding coating materials represent the latest trend in UV-curing technology.

As a rule, multi-layered coating structures are used to seal the parquet. This can be roughly grouped into UV-primer, UV-putties, UV-sealers and UV-top coats. This means each layer of coating is given its own specific function which can be summed up to form a customized surface profile. In that way we are able to adjust the surface characteristics like abrasion resistance, pendulum hardness and scratch resistance in order to meet the different norms as well as customer requirements, thus increase the added value.

Added Value

Klumpp Coatings for parquet are designed to preserve the natural beauty of wooden substrates and to protect those most effectively against daily wear and tear.

Thereby our customers benefit from more than 35 years of experience in our core market – the parquet flooring business.

Highest quality standards, environmental responsibility and sustainability come at first place when it comes to choosing the right raw materials.

Global allocation of our production sites provides shortest lead and reaction times as well as compliance with international norms and standards at constantly high quality levels.

Individual product solutions for almost every desired surface requirement.


The new Lifetime Coating System provides superior abrasion scratch and impact resistance thereby extending the life cycle of wood flooring. No white marks – especially in comparison to conventional, anti-abrasive finishes
Extreme Matte provides the look & touch similar to oiled floors, with the durability and resistance of a full-fledged UV finish
Anti-Crack – provides a five time higher protection level against cracking (especially on difficult wood species such as strandwoven bamboo)
Fire Guard – fire retarding finishes become more and more important in the public building sector
Rapid Cure Natural Oil – Globally the first oxidative drying natural oil with a content of sustainable raw materials of more than 60%, immediately stackable right after UV-/ IR-drying
First finishing systems tailored to the revolutionary energy saving LED UV-lamp technology
Hybrid Oil buildup - the combination of high-solid natural oil with a waterbased Top Oil, based on re-growing raw materials, designed for online production