UV oils

UV oils combine the benefits of floors with a natural oil finish and UV-hardened floors.

Put simply, they are based on natural oils which become UV-curable due to chemical modification. This gives them much better chemical properties and an improved scratch resistance compared with natural oils. Practical tests show that UV oils are considerably better suited to day-to-day use and the perceived quality of floors with a UV oil finish lasts longer than purely natural oils. That said, UV-oiled floors require more care than sealed floors. This is explained by their open-pore character.

Unlike with natural oils, it is better for the parquet processor if the UV-oiled floors can be stacked immediately after curing.

Two kinds of UV oils are available on the market. Surfaces with an open-pore coating similar to natural oils with no sealing character should be regarded as “authentically” UV-oiled. 

As well as these, UV-oiled, closed-pore surfaces commonly appear on the market. The thickness of their combined layers means they are no longer breathable and do not allow “spot repairs”.  These kinds of surfaces are more sealants in nature with an UV-oiled look.

UV Oil natural look

UV Oil natural look / UV Oil natural look raw wood …a UV-Oil-System featuring the look & touch of a 100% natural oiled floor based on re-growing raw materials!

This new system joins many requested properties in one system:

  • A high biogenic content of the build-up
  • High viscosity stability
  • Open-pore effect and coloring of wood alike natural oil
  • Highest transparency of the film, especially visible on dark wood
  • Much better chemical resistance compared to natural oil
  • Build-up alike standard UV-coatings for open-pore finish
  • Easy to clean properties

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