As vinyl is mostly used in highly frequented areas like airports, subways or hospitals, today it is quite common to add value to vinyl surfaces by the use of UV-coatings. In contrast to most of the other substrates, vinyl is flexible. As a consequence, the applied finish needs to adapt this characteristic.

Klumpp UV-coatings for vinyl represent the ideal way to upgrade unfinished surfaces with extreme durability.

Added Value

Very elastic thus flexible finishes

No warping

Improved resistance against (micro-) scratches

Improved resistance against chemicals

Protection against skin contact with plasticisers

Anti microbial properties

Easy to clean properties (lotus-effect / antigraffiti)

Adjustable look and feel


We add value to your surface – with all over pore and 3D structure!

On top of the basic vinyl color, 3D-UV-structurecoatings provide added value through enhanced look and feel.

Top coat systems for Excimer treatment, extremely matte but scratch resistant at a time.