Dear valued customers and suppliers,

After a century of successful corporate history, we would like to inform you today about a change of our organizational structure, making it more transparent and easy to understand. As a consequence of the insertion of our overseas holding into the German holding, initiated End of 2018, „Friedrich Klumpp GmbH“ has been melted on to „Klumpp Verwaltungs GmbH“;  the previous, operational company „Friedrich Klumpp GmbH“ has lapsed herewith.

The remaining and now operative company “Klumpp Verwaltungs GmbH“ will get a new name:
Klumpp Coatings GmbH
This change of name will taken effect in the commercial registry in April 2019.

How will this affect you as our client/ supplier?

On 01.05.2019, the company name changes from „Friedrich Klumpp GmbH“ to „Klumpp Coatings GmbH“.
Our new commercial registry number is:     HRB 16387
Our new VAT ID number is:             DE321138142
All existing contracts (general terms, supply contracts, volume contracts, cooperation contracts, non-disclosure agreements, service contracts, leasing contracts, etc.) automatically pass-over to the successor in interest, the Klumpp Coatings GmbH, and remain effective.
The registered business address, all contact persons and details as well as the responsibilities within our organization remain the same. Same applies for our bank accounts.

Thank you for forwarding this information within your organization to whom it may concern.

In case of questions arising, please do not hesitate to contact your existing contact person on our side and we’ll be happy to help you out.