Digital printing on wood with Bürkle/ efi

It’s a well-known secret that Klumpp Coatings has not only pioneered, but is successfully driving digital printing technology in the flooring and furniture world. Since 2008, Klumpp has been consulting on and delivered to the market a variety of game-changing projects and products, especially regarding technologies, processes and systems for flooring, skirting and paneling.

The true innovation, has been transferring the idea of digital color printing to real wood – a sort of ‘digital staining’.
In the field of digital printing on wood, Klumpp takes the leading position again – together with the German system supplier Bürkle and the printer manufacturer efi from Spain!
For multi-color print projects, inks with inorganic pigments are jetted on real wood (hardwood flooring), veneer (flooring) or even on plywood. The commonly used (analogue) color tinting of stains is becoming obsolete, as standard or specialized colors and patterns can be replicated digitally. With this technology, it is now possible creating color effects that nobody has ever even thought of!

Find more detailed technical information about digital printing on wood technology soon in a new flyer „DIGITAL STAINING “ in the innovation section under the product category „Parquet“.

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