Our new 2C Industrial Putty

Our 2C UV putty has proven to be THE solution for filling surface defects like knotholes but also for filling milled grooves, being used as design element at the same time.

The advantages of easy handling, minimal shrinkage, availability of colors and the possibility of a fast processing thanks to the dual hardening mechanism are well known.

Together with DEKUMED, a producer of innovative mixing equipment, we have made our material machine-processable, hence we are in a position to integrate this proved product into the industrial manufacturing process.

By the help of this unique mixing machine, components can be mixed homogeneously and in accurate mixing ratio and easily be dosed into the defective area. Mixing in the special disposable application gun helps avoiding air bubbles, which are typical for hand-mixing. This represents a significant process improvement and the avoidance of surplus material saves additional cost and is environmental friendly.

Additionally, the combination with a fully automated filling station with optical defect detection and robot-applicator is considerable.   
A final process optimization could be seen by using a special putty machine, using an endless belt. The transparent belt is led over and pressed onto the substrate by rollers, squeezing the putty into the defective areas, being released after UV hardening.

After initial UV-curing (1st step), the planks can already be sanded and coated. For further processing like brushing, the planks require drying over-night (six to eight hours) through the hardener (2nd step). After 24 hours, even deepest holes of darkest putties are fully cured. The putty provides perfect bonding to both - substrate and also subsequent coating layers – showing no shrinkage.

Further details can be found in the corresponding flyer. (“flyer” link)

Please also feel free to look-up the video showing mixing machine and process. (“video” link)

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our technical service or drop us an e-mail under info(at)klumpp-coatings.com.