Extreme matt and at the same time highly scratch-resistant - Published in Parkett Magazin issue 05/2021

Surface specialist Klumpp Coatings has redeveloped and further developed various products and features. As an extremely matt and at the same time highly scratch-resistant UV surface, the company is presenting its Ultimate Scratch Guard lacquer, which can be used in one or two layers on parquet, digital printing floors, LVT and SPC. "In the Martindale test, this innovation achieves a value many times better than all established products in the Martindale test, with the microscratch resistance that customers repeatedly demand," promises European Sales Manager Matthias Grundt. The lacquer system can also be irradiated with the excimer technology via the standard UV curing, which, according to Klumpp, enables an even lower matt level of two to three gloss units. Upon request, demonstration and test samples can be made on the customer's substrate using the laboratory's own excimer equipment, or customers can be invited to the technical center in Stuttgart for tests.

In the filler area, Klumpp has optimized its 2K UV hand filler for repairing knots and cracks in the raw parquet: On the one hand, the shrinkage after curing has been reduced to <1%, and on the other hand, the adhesion to cured 2K glues has been improved. If the material is processed with a newly developed automatic mixing system, an air- and bubble-free filler can be applied - even when heat is supplied through intensive UV curing. "This minimizes rejects and complaints," says Grundt, "and also enables the use of more critical substrates". Klumpp will also demonstrate the process and the interaction between the filler product and special application at the company's headquarters in Stuttgart.