Any high quality floor must be maintained in the interest of preserving its value.

We have incorporated our decades of surface experience into the further development of the very user-friendly Clean & Care program. Both UV-sealed and UV and naturally oiled floors can be cleaned, refreshed, cared for and even repaired without any problems. Care instruction

Added value

  • Always good advice: Klumpp Coatings‘ Clean & Care products ensure that your parquet surface retains its natural beauty also in the future. 
  • Our Clean & Care series is easy to use and matches perfectly with the properties of surfaces coated with Klumpp finishes. You get the complete package all from one single source!


Klumpp Coatings understands its role as a competent partner and supplier, focused on industrial customers. 

Our sales concept also follows this orientation. For the purchase of end consumer products like our Hydro Cleaner, Hydro Care, Natural Oil Care and High Solid Outdoor Finish, we provide the following options: 

small containers

We supply in smaller casks.

For this purpose, minimum purchase quantities are individually agreed with our customers.

bulk containers

We supply in bulk containers (30kg, 200kg, 1000kg). 

Our customers fill the materials in their very own bottles, using their own labels, distributing these end customer products via their own supply channels. 



Frequently asked questions about cleaning and care

Naturally oiled floors 

  • How should intermediate cleaning of naturally-oiled floors be done?
    spray-dampened WischenKlumpp Hydro Cleaner (addition 100 ml on 1 litre of warm mop water).  Do not allow any moisture to remain on the surface as it may cause wood swelling.  Never use bleaching and corrosive cleaning agents.
  • Is it advisable to use soap-containing detergents/care products?
    Soap-based (alkaline) cleaning and care products can, if the floor has damage that goes into the raw wood, lead to dark discoloration of tannin-containing wood species (such as oak).
  • Are there sources of supply of the care products and cleansing products abroad? 
    With a few exceptions, our care products are only available on the German market.
  • Can care products from other suppliers be used ?
    Comparable products of other manufacturers can be used.  Please check the suitability of the external care product prior to the area-covering application and pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions for use.
  • How often should a basic cleaning occur? 
    Please read our corresponding care instructions.

UV oiled floors

  • When is a repair with an oxidatively drying care oil required?
    As soon as the UV oiled, open-pored floor has first damaged areas or scratches, the floor can be refreshed in isolated areas with a care oil (Natural Oil Care). Before that, a basic cleaning should be done, otherwise the existing dirt will be fixed.

Interim cleaning

Sweeping, vacuuming, misting wipes with Hydro Cleaner .. Do not allow any moisture to remain on the surface as it may cause wood swelling.  Never use bleaching and corrosive cleaning agents.

  • Hydro Care is a wax-based care product. For which floor is it suitable?
    For all floors, however, it is important to note the mixing ratio.
    If too much care product is added to the mop water, the surface may become too slippery, blotchy and line sensitive due to the wax content of the care product.
  • What can be done in case of markings / stripes or shoe marks on the surface?
    The markings are mostly only on the surface. These can be removed by a local intensive cleaning. A removal of the care film should be carried out by means of basic cleaner. Afterwards, please wipe clean and re-apply the care product.
  • How do you repair minor damages?
    Superficial scratches can be leveled with "Natural Oil Care".
  • How do you repair deeper damage?
    Deeper scratches, which go down to the raw wood, can be repaired with appropriate, commercially available hard wax pins. These fill the deeper damages, and are available in many wood tones. If necessary, ask your parquet installer who will expertly assist you with the repair.
  • Within a freshly laid floor, there are elements with different gloss levels. What can you do?
    Minimal gloss level differences can be adjusted with a full care product. For this purpose, film-forming care products available on the market should be used. These are available from well-known manufacturers.
    If the above measure is insufficient or not satisfactory, the relevant element must be cut out by the skilled person and replaced by a new element.
  • What can be done if too much care product has been applied on the surface by mistake and it has become "sticky"?
    It is advisable to remove the care product from the surface with our Hydro Cleaner and to apply it fresh again after drying.
  • Are there any care products especially for extremely matte, sealed surfaces?
    To date, we are not aware of any special care product for extremely matte surfaces. Care should therefore be done with care products that are suitable for matte surfaces.