Environmental guidelines

Environmental protection and safety are priorities for Klumpp Coatings GmbH as a manufacturing company in the paint and coatings industry. 

Only by consistently promoting solvent-free, water-based or UV hardening coating systems can we actively contribute to these environmental goals. We see environmental protection and safety not as a chore, but as an opportunity to be a bit better every day.  


    The goal of our environmental management system is to take a conscious, environmentally responsible approach to our resources, to continually reducing emissions and to striving to reduce risks. Our targets therefore are:

    • To use more environmentally friendly, renewable and healthy raw materials and certification of our products
    • To develop even more efficient coating systems that conform to the highest requirement classes while using fewer materials.
    • To conserve resources by using materials and energy efficiently (eg. participation in the ECOfit project) and by developing energy-saving coating systems (LED-UV)
    • Avoiding waste with low material waste rates, smart container and barrel rotation concepts and recycling of packaging
    • Continual analysis and critical examination of operational processes and safety concepts
    • Promoting the use of public transport. We offer all our staff a free monthly travelcards
    • Systematic training and inclusion of our staff in environmental and risk prevention issues, as well as motivation to suggest improvements