Service & Coloristik

Our Service & Coloristics Team offers qualified service-oriented technicians. We consider ourselves a service provider that caters to the needs of our industry clients.  We offer innovative and practical solutions for every application.

Our Service and Colouristics team provides:

  • customer-specific consultations
  • fast response and flexible order volumes
  • maximum color tone precision
  • fastest delivery times for all color systems

customer segments

  •  We work with a network of experienced dealers so that our small customers can also enjoy our proven quality products, and we can provide the best service and fastest response and delivery times. Simply ask us which partner is nearest and responsible for you.
  • Our medium and large (industry) clients are looked after directly by our Service & Coloristics department. This focus offers a maximum level of individual consultation, as well as the fastest response and delivery times.

Product range

  • PU/ NC color coatings
  • PU effect coatings (metallic, mother-of-pearl etc.)
  • Hydro color coating
  • Hydro UV 1K & 2K color coatings
  • Color UV coating
  • Water-based stains for industry and craft (hand/spray/roller application)
  • Solvent-based stains for industry and craft (hand/spray/roller application)
  • Hydro UV and UV colored primers
  • Colored UV putties and UV hand applying fillers
  • Tinctures and shading pastes
  • Colored oils
  • Print colors
  • Hydro roller coatings
  • Micro bevel coatings
  • Tinting products for all systems

Consultation services

  • Information about global market trends
  • Consultation regarding systems and coating processes
  • Consultation on all color superstructures
  • Customer-specific consultation regarding plant layout (new planning / changes)
  • Standards and legislation
  • Waste and disposal guidelines
  • Environmental and occupational health protection
  • Developing system concepts for optimal material efficiency with maximum resistance

On-site service and quality assurance measures

  • Application technical support for modification/ commissioning of coating lines
  • Developing a quality assurance management system for the customer     Special settings of color coatings, stains and special items
  • Training plant staff on-site/at Klumpp Application Technology
  • Fault recovery for application problems