Today, all modern productions for pre-finished hard wood flooring rely on ecologically friendly, VOC-free, radiation-curing coating systems.  Well over 90% of the coating systems used are UV-radiation-curing; Occasionally, electron-beam-curable coating materials (EBH) are also used.  A technological innovation is the energy-saving LED-UV-radiation technology.

In the industrial production of pre-finished hard wood flooring, a multilayer structure is used.  A specific function is assigned to every single paint layer (UV-Primer, UV-Putty, UV-Seallers and UV-Top Coats).  In this way, surface properties like adhesion, abrasion resistance, indentation hardness and scratch resistance can be customized for the most diverse customer needs and therefore increase the individual added value.

Added value

  • Klumpp Coatings for pre-finished hard wood flooring production are designed to stress the naturalness of the wood material and in addition to protect it efficiently against everyday signs of wear. 
  • For this, our customers benefit from our more than 40-year experience in our core business, the hard wood flooring market. 
  • Quality standards, environmental compatibility and sustainability come first in the choice of our raw materials. 
  • Our resulting product solutions cover all surface properties and are individually tailored to system conditions and customer requirements.
  • Worldwide production locations guarantee the shortest delivery and response times, as well as compliance with international standards and norms with consistently high quality standards. 

Coating system


Aqueous roller stains and Hydro UV Primer stains colored for industrial processing.  Here, we offer a wide range of colors and effects, individually customized stains and Hydro UV primers based on highly light-fast dyes and pigments, as well as reaction stains, for spray and roller application.  Systems proven with our customers all over the world guarantee a high level of consistent quality.  Profit from our long-standing experience. For further information, please contact our application engineers.


Primers are used for direct adhesive bonding between the substrate and the coating structure that is applied subsequently. For this reason they are applied directly to the wood substrate.  In industrial applications, one must distinguish between Hydro UV primers and 100% UV primers which have a solid particle content of 100%. 

Hydro UV primers have a solid particle content of between 30% and 80% and therefore need to be pre-dried.   They can be pre-dried using any of the commonly available, tried and tested methods on the market (e.g. jet drying, IR drying, cold drying, MOS (microwave) drying, etc.).  Alongside its primary task to provide adhesive bonding, Klumpp Coatings Hydro UV primers also prime the wood very well, which accentuates the material’s naturalness.  Depending on the primer system, colorations are also possible to make coloristic adjustments (achieve equalising effects). 

100% UV primers (High Solid) can be used alternatively, should the coating technician not have a drying machine available.  They have no, or next to no volatile matter and can be hardened with UV rays immediately after application.


To achieve the best abrasive strength, Klumpp Coatings offers a range of UV sealers which meet the different abrasion standards in the market. 

SIS-UV sealers have been especially developed by Klumpp Coatings to the Swedish Industrial Standard.  They enable a high degree of abrasive strength according to the Falling Sand method. 

Anti-abrasive UV sealers achieve the best abrasion results according to the sandpaper technique.  

UV sanding sealers make efficient lacquer sanding possible.


UV putties are used to fill in holes in the wood substrate, joins between the edges of the panels, etc. They are an absolute must when wishing to present closed-pore surfaces. 

Klumpp Coatings offers the following putty types: 

Light UV putties which can be fed in with commercial membrane pumps and can be applied in a cycle.  This setting makes it easy to handle. 

Heavy UV putties which are usually applied with closed jaws and have exceptional attributes in terms of filling capability.


In industrial coating of surfaces, the topcoat must be regarded as being of particular importance because it fulfills several important functions at the same time, and as a finish is mainly responsible for how the surface look is assessed. 

Anti-scratch topcoats have been developed by Klumpp Coatings.  In 1995 we were demonstrably the first coating manufacturer to apply this innovation to parquet applications. They have since become the state of the art. They are based on the very latest nano-particle technology which offers optimal levels of scratch resistance.  The topcoat not only offers anti-scratch protection, but also gives the surface the desired glossiness and homogenous look. Klumpp Coatings topcoats are known as being very pleasant to the touch. 

Natural Oils

Natural Oils from Klumpp meet the latest trend of using more and more building materials of natural origin for the private and public sector.  In contrast to commonly sealed parquet surfaces, oiled surfaces maintain the natural open-pore properties of real wood.

The advantage of an oiled floor is that it is very easy to repair.  So-called “spot repairs” are easy to carry out and can even be performed by the end user.  Surfaces with a natural oil finish are able to absorb and give off moisture in the air because of their open pores and thus have a regulatory function for the room climate. Moreover they are allergy friendly and slip-resistant. 

Klumpp Coatings offer high-quality natural oils for industrial processing and manual application, clear and shaded.   The end products can be touched up with any common care product or oil currently available on the market. 


Natural Online Oil System

Natural Online Oil System is a new way of industrial production of natural oiled parquet surfaces. As of now it is possible to apply High-Solid oil systems on nearly all existing UV-lines, without any effort and also space wasting drying proceeds overnight.  The flooring can be packed right after production.

Natural Online Oil Systemis based on a High-Solid Base Oil, which is based on > 95% regrowing raw materials in combination with our Hydro Top Oil,a water-dilutable top oil.  For drying Base Oil and Top Oil, the already existing UV lamps can be used. A modification of the existing coating line configuration is not necessary in most cases.

Advantages of Natural Online Oil System:

  • Suitable for industrial online processing
  • Can be applied on existing UV coating lines
  • No oxidative drying over night necessary
  • Can be tinted with suitable color concentrates
  • Easy to clean properties of the systems
  • High-Solid Base Oil based on > 95% regrowing raw materials
  • Hydro Top Oil can be adjusted with water
  • Lowest gloss level 4-6 units @ 60°
  • Flooring can be packed right after production
  • Natural Online Oil System is highly resistant to common household substances, and tested according to current standards for oiled surfaces


Bio Online Oil

Bio Online Oilis a further development of the Natural Online Oil System, which pioneered a natural oiled surface without the need for intermediate drying.

Bio Online Oilis the first product on the market that is ready-to-use coated on-line and packable immediately after drying and so fulfills the definition of "natural coating materials" in accordance with Ö-Norm C 2380. This is not only with regard to the binder used, but also with respect to all raw materials used in the system. At the same time, this system offers the best resistance to wear in daily use.


Low Solid and High Solid Natural Oils

Low Solid and High Solid natural oils impregnate the wood fibers to saturation level with natural oil and thus protect against dirt, dust and moisture.

The following tables distinguish between our fast drying Low Solid products and our slow drying High Solid product series:


Colored settings for Klumpp Natural Oil products

All natural oils can be dyed individually with customized color concentrates according to customer requirements.

UV Oils

UV oils combine the benefits of floors with a natural oil finish and UV-hardened floors. 

Put simply, they are based on natural oils which are UV-curable due to chemical modification.  This gives them much better chemical properties and an improved scratch resistance compared with natural oils. Practical tests show that UV oils are considerably better suited to day-to-day use and the perceived quality of floors with a UV oil finish lasts longer than purely natural oils. That said, UV-oiled floors require more care than sealed floors. 


UV Oil natural look

UV Oil natural look / UV Oil natural look raw wood ... an extremely transparent UV oil system, even in high layer thicknesses, featuring the look & touch of a 100% natural oiled floor based on re-growing raw materials

This new system combines many requested properties in one system:

  • A high biogenic content of the build-up
  • High viscosity stability
  • Gloss effect as unpainted
  • Highest transparency of the film, especially visible on dark wood
  • Chemical resistance like UV sealing
  • Applicable with given system configurations
  • Easy to clean properties


Hybrid coating oil

One oil for all jobs - the same material is used as the base and top oil. No additional primer is necessary!
In addition to this unique selling point, Hybrid coating Oil offers even more advantages compared to conventional 100% UV and natural oils:

  • More fullness and smoother surface than 100% oxy-oils
  • Resistance significantly better than with oxidatively drying oils
  • Also dries oxidatively (without UV radiation) but slower compared to the known High Solid Natural Oils.