We add value to your surface

... Each day it is our mission to live up to this commitment. Providing our end customers with the perfect surface is merely the tip of the iceberg however.

It lies right at the end of the value chain. A range of important factors come before that warranting an effective added value in the eyes of our customers.


  • Individual planning of the line layout - Our many years of experience give us a rounded perspective. Our customers especially see the benefits of this during the individual tuning of existing lines or the design of new layouts. We always put our efforts behind economical coating systems that get the most out of the existing setup.
  • Reliable raw material sources - Close cooperation and reliable long-term relationships with suppliers coupled with stringent controls on raw materials ensure a solid basis for our raw material supplies.
  • Efficient production - Ultramodern, automated production- and weighing methods ensure consistently high product quality.
  • Strict Quality Assurance - Strict quality controls based on standardized routines safeguard our high quality standards.
  • Just-in-time delivery - Reliable supplies allow our customers to enjoy the benefits of precise planning and production reliability.
  • Flawless application at our customers - User-friendly usage thanks to stable product quality and balanced product systems ensure smooth workflows in day-to-day plant operations.
  • Global service - A flexible, globally-aligned sales and support network made up of experienced service partners guarantee knowledgeable consultation, reliable material supplies and immediate assistance in the event of problems.
  •  Innovative Research and Development - Our ultra-modern laboratory with over 20 experienced specialists set standards each and every day. The combination of service orientation and the power to innovate gives our customers the secure feeling of always being at the cutting edge of technology, in the future too.