As vinyl is mostly used in highly frequented areas like airports, subways or hospitals, today it is quite common to add value to vinyl surfaces by the use of UV-coatings.  In contrast to most of the other substrates, vinyl is flexible. As a consequence, the applied finish needs to adapt to this characteristic. 

Klumpp UV-coatings for vinyl represent the ideal way to upgrade unfinished surfaces with extreme durability.


Added value

  • Very elastic and thus flexible finishes  
  • Very little curling
  • Increased scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Increased resistance to chemicals
  • Adjustable look and pleasant feel of the surface


Coating system


Although PVC should be better wetted with a significantly higher surface tension than PE / PP and paint films should generally adhere better because of their polar structure, the adhesion of paint films is often made difficult by high levels of plasticizers, stabilizers and process auxiliaries. The adhesion can therefore be very different depending on the composition and manufacturing process of the PVC and must always be checked in individual cases. A significant improvement in adhesion can frequently be achieved with difficult PVC types by removing the interfering substances by means of plasma or corona treatment. The preheating of the PVC also leads to paint adhesion.

In order still to establish adhesion, the surface of the base material is often polarized by means of “Corona treatment” or flame treatment. UV primers have the purpose to provide a good adhesive join to the substrate (vinyl) in case there is no pre-treatment available.


In industrial coating of flooring, the topcoat must be regarded as being of particular importance because it fulfils several important functions at the same time, and as a finish is mainly responsible for how the surface look is assessed. 

Anti-scratch topcoatshave been developed by Klumpp Coatings.  In 1995 we were demonstrably the first coating manufacturer to apply this innovation to parquet applications. They have since become the state of the art. They are based on the very latest nano-particle technology which offers optimal levels of scrub and scratch resistance.  In addition, the topcoat provides the desired glossiness and a homogeneous appearance for the surface.   Klumpp Coatings topcoats are known as being very pleasant to the touch.  The special formulations of vinyl topcoats take into account the required flexibility and elasticity of the material.