Materials and suppliers

We lay the basis for our high quality products by selecting the best raw materials.  We only use raw materials that meet our high standards for quality, environmental compatibility and sustainability.

We work with select suppliers who can ensure high consistent quality of the raw materials long-term and who have proven their reliable ability to supply.  All raw material properties relevant to the quality of the subsequent finished product are tested as part of incoming goods checks in accordance with standardized procedures or in-house methods.

Quality assurance

During product development, the test parameters and manufacturing tolerances are determined for each of our products.  Using these specifications, our quality assurance test all properties relevant for fault-free processing of our products and the surface properties (viscosity, drying and hardening behaviors, color tone, gloss etc.) before the products are filled. Our test laboratory is equipped with all the modern testing devices necessary for this. 

Description of quality assurance procedures

You can view a description of the current quality assurance procedures for testing floors and other services in the relevant PDF files.


Detailed overview of standards

The following site gives a detailed overview of the current standards: